SALE - Lotus Flower Perfumed Soy Candle

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The delicate nature and purity of the lotus flower is why it has great symbolism and significance amongst a variety of ancient cultures. The quiet moments in life when we slow down and are surrounded by silence evoke a state of calmness. This perfume is a balance of delicate floral spices and notes of vanilla, which create a serene and sensuous ambiance.


Daisey candles are hand poured in Melbourne, Australia using one hundred percent natural soy wax, a selection of perfumes and a pure cotton wick. Our candles are poured in either an opaque white or clear glass container and are housed in a chic monochrome box finished with a beautifully tied piece of ribbon making them the perfect accompaniment for a home or the ideal gift. They will burn for approximately 40 hours and will fill a space with the perfect amount of fragrance. 

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