Coconut & Lime Perfumed Soy Candle in Rose


Our limited edition in Rose collection was inspired by the shades of metallic pink we seen throughout our travels in Europe. The blush toned mirror finish compliments a space and offers an element of industrial Parisian chic - allowing our favourite worlds to collide. 


The classic and refreshing scents of summer that are a reminder of days spent lounging on a beach, surrounded by turquoise water, sipping cocktails, soaking up the warmth of the sun and enjoying the fusion of smells that are characteristic of the warm midsummer season. With a combination of the sweet notes derivative of an exotic coconut and the fresh tones that a lime bursts with, life will most certainly be a beach.


Daisey candles are hand poured in Melbourne, Australia using one hundred percent natural soy wax, a selection of perfumes and a pure cotton wick. Our Rose candle containers are blush metallic coated glass housed in a chic monochrome box finished with a beautifully tied piece of ribbon making them the perfect accompaniment for a home or the ideal gift. They will burn for approximately 40 hours and will fill a space with the perfect amount of fragrance. 

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