Dream & Love April 09 2015


Photo of talented author and inspirational woman, Anaïs Nin.


“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” – Anaïs Nin. If there is one quote that explains my journey thus far and how Daisey began, this is it! I remember the days prior to Daisey and all of me hopes that I never forget them. I precisely recall sitting at the desk of my corporate job – for days, weeks, months, and years - overwhelmed with a sense of wonder. I remember waking up and falling asleep to the same questions – “Is this it? Are within these boundaries going to be where I live for the rest of my life? Or are there verses left in my play that I have yet to perform?” Beyond the now regrettable wish that I had to fast-forward the weekdays and to pause the weekends along with potential travel plans to temporarily escape the daily grind, design was what kept my mind and heart truly happy and so that’s where I would always direct my attention to whenever time allowed.


It wasn’t until life dealt me some difficult cards that I began to seriously ask myself the complicated questions – the kind of questions that were about to change the course. It was these obstacles that injected my life with the change that I desperately needed. I always say that if I was given the opportunity to change something, in a heart beat I would give back the hurt that those difficult times forced me to face but I never ever want to give back the lessons those times taught me. As Walt Whitman said, “These are the days that must happen to you.” Among many lessons, I learnt that happiness should be now and always now, there will never be the perfect moment, there is a difference between living and existing, that it is important beyond words to consistently wake up and go to sleep with joy, that it should always be a combination of work and play rather than a choice between them, that my own definition of success will be the only success that I can achieve and that I must do all things with love, always love. It was when I learnt these lessons that the risk to remain far outweighed the risk to run and so Daisey was created.


My journey is precisely summed up in Anaïs Nin’s oh so beautiful quote that makes a strikingly honest analogy between a flowers cycle of life and the fear and courage that we face. It only seemed fitting to name my label after a flower, one that represented the journey, because I truly believe that the journey always holds so much more importance than the destination. It was when I came across the notion of wildflowers that I fell in love; what they are at their core inspired me - original, pure, simple and beautiful – and so I named the label after a wildflower and ensured that these qualities that mirrored my journey would also become the facets of the Daisey brand.


For me, Daisey began as a little flicker of light in my mind and heart, which grew in proportion to my courage. Daisey was that thing in my life that would wake me up in the middle of the night, lead my mind to wander off and had me staring at the stars questioning what might be. We all have that thing, that crazy dream that seems so bizarre that we wonder why we gave ourselves the permission to devise it in the first place. Sometimes it’s a whisper, sometimes it’s a roar, but I have never met a person that didn’t have that something that they secretly or vocally loved and wanted to wrap their arms, mind and heart around and never let go – that something was Daisey for me. I recognise that I’m lucky to be able to say that I’m wrapping my arms, mind and heart around this beautiful experience and I can only hope that each of your dreams, your loves, also become your reality. This is the first of many blog posts and although the aim is to regularly explore an array of topics that capture our attention, I felt it was particularly important to start off by sharing with you Daisey's story and inevitably some of my story. 


Much love,