Daisey is a lifestyle site which was built on the ethos of love. The brand, founded by Natalie, was inspired by a wildflower - "I was captivated by it's essence - original, pure, simple, real and beautiful - and so I named the brand after a wildflower and these qualities that wildflowers paint our world with became the facets of Daisey." Natalie brings to Daisey her love of design, home and travel. Wildflowers are beautiful, just like life. Wildflowers are also real, just like life. This is our focus at Daisey; to bring you all things beautiful, yet real. Our world has become full of comparisons and these can be damaging. We want to do nothing more but add some joy and love to your day and a touch of inspiration. Wildflowers are unapologetically beautiful in their own way, standing tall with strong hearts. That is what we want Daisey to be, a wildflower in your already beautiful day. 


After falling in love with the notion of memories in life being evoked by scent, Natalie pursued to develop Daisey's first collection - perfumed soy candles - that brought the facets of Daisey and her love for design together with a selection of scents that echoed the fragments of life that we all love. The candle collection includes a medley of perfumes that are a reminder of the simple yet beautiful moments that we all experience and share. Our collection is proudly hand poured with love in our studio based in Melbourne, Australia using the finest quality materials.

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